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English-native-speaker ideas and texts for high-impact advertising and marketing communications.

Say the right thing in the right way and you can change behaviour.
Nick Berry

Freelance copywriter for advertising and marketing

The biggest communications challenge is getting people
to react the way you want them to
. That’s what I do.

With so many channels available, what you say and how you say it
is more important than ever
. I’ll get that story right for you.

If you market in English, it makes sense to create your ideas
and words in English

Specialist in social media and digital content, and content marketing.

Why are my posts not generating any business? Why does no one react to my LinkedIn or Xing content? Why isn’t my website creating sales leads? Why is no one watching my videos? How can I get more response to my online ads?

If you’re asking yourself any of those questions, give me a call and let’s solve the problem. It won’t be complicated and it will be good working together.

  • B2B specialist
  • Independent since 1999
  • Native English speaker
  • Fluent German speaker

Client testimonials

“I have been working with Nick Berry since 2016, on every sort of task from text optimisation to creating digital content, texts for videos or even product naming. Throughout that time, Nick has proven himself not only reliable and cost-effective but a skilled and intuitive writer with natural talent for communication. It also helps that he speaks fluent German!”

Angela Wolf Group Product Manager, MAM BABY AG

Client testimonials

“I have personally worked with Nick Berry since 2016. Nick always impresses me with his creativity on the one hand and his precise formulations on the other. Combined with his English sense of humour, this makes him an indispensable partner for Freudenberg Performance Materials.”

Holger-Michael Steingräber Director Global Communications, Freudenberg Performance Materials

Client testimonials

“I was curious to hear what the former bicycle mechanic had to say – and I still am. For the past nine years or so, Nick Berry has been asking intelligent questions, drawing the right conclusions and extrapolating from them appropriate stories and messages for our advertising campaign. On a copywriting level, in a way that only a native English speaker is capable of.”

Sven Klein Senior Consultant Market and Corporate Communications, Deutsche Rückversicherung AG

Client testimonials

“Nick is one copywriter I really look forward to working with. As well as being great fun to work with, his talent for coming up with highly-creative ideas for many different clients and types of media is something I struggle to find in other copywriters. The work he has produced with me and my teams is work I am very proud to show, due to its quality. He also has the ability to create short advertising copy, but is equally comfortable writing strong, brand-focused long copy. And he knows lots about bikes...”

Nick Meads Executive Creative Director, EMEA Carlson Marketing Europe

Client testimonials

“Met him by coincidence, if such exists. At first he seemed ‘English’ – but I soon understood that I was dealing with a true cosmopolitan, able to not only scratch the surface, but passionately continue the analytical process into the customer’s universe until the platform for the creative process was found. And – actually – only then did his full potential come to life – somersaulting words into long-lasting, well tattooed pictures. I won’t even start on his passion for food.”

Claus Kurt Nielsen Leader, Business Development, SenseGuard, Lixil EMENA at GROHE

Client testimonials

“Thank you for all your hard work on The Whole Story brochure. Impressive delivery for someone new to the organisation. We wouldn't have stood a chance of making such a tight deadline without your quick grasp of the subject and excellent copywriting skills.”

Alia Ilyas Senior PR and Corporate Relations Manager, BT Wholesale

Client testimonials

“As an international text agency specialising in delivering perfect texts for our clients, we naturally place a high value on accuracy and tonality. We have worked with Nick Berry since 2001 on a wide range of projects for all sorts of clients. He has always delivered finely crafted copy, on time and on budget – we also commissioned him to write our own website. Nick has a natural feel for language, great technical skills and works with excellent attention to detail.”

Trond Samstad CEO, Samtext International


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